Covid-19 First Aid Kits and PPE


With the changes to the Resuscitation Guidelines it is not essential to perform mouth to mouth in a cardiac arrest, but it would still be required when resuscitating a baby, it would also be essential to wear PPE to stop bleeding in the event of a heavy bleed or place someone in the recovery position. More so than ever we have become aware of our own personal safety and the risk of infection; feeling safer and more protected with good Personal Protective Equipment. 


First Aid boxes are the ideal places to keep PPE for emergencies, easy to access, and provides reassurance to both the patient and person treating them. 'Kitting up' is a term used to describe wearing an apron, gloves, mask and possibly faceshield in an arrest, before touching the casualty.  


All employers have a duty to provide PPE for medical emergencies and our recommendations would be to use and dispose of all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to the instructions and training previously provided by your employer. Surrey First Aid Training will provide a short module on all our 12 hour + courses on 'Providing Covid Secure Emergency First Aid'. 


Remember used kit must be disposed of in a clinical waste management plan, it cannot be thrown in with domestic waste.


The ideal first aid PPE kit would stock:

  • Disposable gloves,
  • Fluid repellent surgical face masks, with the addition of,
  • Disposable plastic aprons and 
  • Disposable eye protection (such as a face visor or googles) The KN95 mask is graded washable and filtered. Approved by AO'S, HSE and DoFE.
  • Resusitation Faceshield or Mask.

Once you have dealt with the emergency, placed the waste in the bin, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after taking off PPE.

Surrey First Aid Training will be stocking PPE Covid Specific -First Aid Bags with the recommended kit list soon, to request information or to be added to the order list please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m. In the meantime we recommened this great kit -