Resus Rangers Workshops - First Aid for Primary School Children

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We are working with Resus Rangers Ltd. - an educational First Aid programme for primary school children. The Resus Rangers are four animated characters that guide your school children through a range of First Aid topics, including:

  • Basic Life Support - CPR
  • Calling 999
  • Dealing with someone who won't wake up - including recovery position
  • Getting adult help
  • Helping a friend
  • Bandages and keeping safe

The workshops are delivered through a variety of methods such as songs, rhyme, animations, fun activities and more! In addition to this, the Early Years programme is an immersive First Aid story in which the children follow the Resus Rangers on their walk to school to solve First Aid problems and learn basic skills.

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Resus Rangers Ltd. also offers a subscription service in which your school teachers can deliver the lessons themselves. The School Resources Programme is admin-free and easy to use with lesson plans, user guides, and classroom resources such as PowerPoints and activity sheets all included, as well as exclusive animations and certificates for all! Watch the video below for more information...


Subscribe and become a Resus Rangers school today!