First Aid for Parents

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First Aid for Parents Online Course

Online First Aid for Parents Course

Course contents

textmedia Introduction
textmedia Topics
textmedia Recovery Position Learning Objectives
textmedia The Primary Assessment
textmedia Breathing
video Recovery Position Method Video
textmedia Recovery Position Method for Children
textmedia Recovery Position Method for Babies
video Recovery Position Scenario
textmedia Recovery Position Further Reading
quiz Recovery Position Quiz
textmedia CPR Learning Objectives
textmedia What if a Child or Baby Stops Breathing?
video CPR Technique Video
textmedia CPR Technique for Children
textmedia CPR Technique for Babies
textmedia Chain of Survival
textmedia AED Overview
textmedia CPR Further Reading
quiz CPR Quiz
textmedia Choking Learning Objectives
video Choking Scenario
textmedia Choking Method for Children
textmedia Choking Method for Babies
textmedia What If They Become Unconscious?
textmedia Choking Further Reading
quiz Choking Quiz
textmedia Anaphylaxis Learning Objectives
textmedia What is Anaphylaxis?
quiz Which of these is a common trigger?
video Anaphylaxis Scenario
textmedia Anaphylaxis Treatment
textmedia Anaphylaxis Further Reading
quiz Anaphylaxis Quiz
textmedia Asthma Learning Objectives
textmedia Asthma Basics
video Asthma Scenario
textmedia Asthma Treatment
textmedia Asthma Further Reading
quiz Asthma Quiz
textmedia Poisons Learning Objectives
textmedia Household Poisons
textmedia Corrosive Poisons
textmedia Non-Corrosive Poisons
textmedia Poisons Further Reading
quiz Poisons Quiz
textmedia Burns Learning Objectives
textmedia Types of Burn
textmedia Burns Treatment
textmedia Seek Medical Advice If...
textmedia Burns Further Reading
quiz Burns Quiz
textmedia Fever & Febrile Convulsions Learning Objectives
video Dealing With An Unwell Child
textmedia Febrile Convulsions
textmedia Febrile Convulsions Treatment
quiz Fever & Febrile Convulsions Quiz
textmedia Vomiting and Diarrhoea Learning Objectives
textmedia What Causes Vomiting and Diarrhoea?
textmedia Meningitis
textmedia Meningitis Symptoms
textmedia Meningitis Treatment
textmedia Sepsis
textmedia Sepsis Treatment
quiz Vomiting and Diarrhoea Quiz
textmedia Head Injuries Learning Objectives
textmedia Concussion
textmedia Concussion or Compression?
quiz Concussion or Compression Quiz
textmedia Head Injury Assessment Tool
textmedia Head Injuries Further Reading
quiz Head Injuries Quiz
quiz First Aid for Parents Quiz