Managing Medicines in Schools and Early Years settings

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This course aims to give confidence to staff responsible for administering medication, so that situations may be managed safely. It gives general awareness of medications and how they are administered, however, training for specific medications should be provided for in accordance with a child’s specific Health Care Plan.


managing medicines course




Who was this course designed for?


This course is suitable for any member of staff who is responsible for administering medicines such as Epinephrine, Salbutamol, Ventolin and Insulin in schools and Early Years settings. It is also ideal for governors and head teachers who are responsible for the school's Managing Medicines Policy.


What is the course content?


On completion of the course the delegates should:

  • Gain an awareness of the Guidance "Managing Medicines in Schools and Early Years Settings"
  • Gain an awareness of the need to develop a Medicines Policy.
  • Understanding the various elements of a medicines Policy including administering, self-management, refusing, record keeping, storage and disposal and school trips.
  • Understand what a Health Care Policy is and why they are needed.
  • Improve awareness of common conditions such as Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes and Anaphylaxis, their management and control.
  • Included in the course will be templates for policies and plans to help schools with their responsibilities.


What is the course duration?


The course is 3 hours, this is usually run over half a day.


What is the assessment method?


Competency-based training and continuous observation by the trainer.


What certificate do we get?


This is an uncertified course.

If certificates are required, you must request this at the time of booking. Any certificates issued will be valid for 1 year.


How do I book?


If you are interested in booking this course for your group at your venue please fill our group booking enquiry form.


What is the cost?


Please send us an enquiry to receive a personalised quote.