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    “We have used Surrey First Aid Training for several years now. Booking the course with the admin staff was really straightforward and they made the whole process very easy. They were happy to ensure the course booked really met our needs. Thank you all so much - if asked I would definitely recommend you to anyone"
    The Tanshire Clinic, Elstead, Surrey

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    “Very easy from start to finish, from getting a quote, booking the course and the actual training itself. Trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend and use again"
    Bletchingley Village Primary School, Surrey

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    "Our team really enjoyed the training and were very complimentary about the trainer. Thank you for sending through the certificates in a speedy manner."
    Jack and Jill School, Hampton, Greater London

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    “It was a wonderful days training, I did not feel like it was a day out of my weekend, more like a valuable well invested day updating my First Aid Training knowledge and practice. The trainer was wonderful, cheerful, clear and expressive with detailed knowledge and advice. I couldn't have faulted the days training at all."
    Sue, Childminder

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    “Surrey First Training were very flexible and worked with us to ensure our requirements could be met. They were courteous, professional and accommodating and provided an excellent service and training session that allowed all the participants to fully practice their First Aid skills and leave with confidence."
    Playmates Nursery, Chessington, Surrey

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    “I was VERY impressed! I have found my experience with the course and the booking process so good I would definitely recommend them to anybody without hesitation! Thank you very much."
    Southampton University Mountaineering Club, Hampshire

Hand Only CPR

The British Heart Foundation says if you don’t want to give rescue breaths, Hands-only CPR is still likely to increase a person’s chance of survival. Never do nothing.

Take a look at the video the BHF created with Vinnie Jones back in 2012. This demonstrates the technique of pushing hard and fast on the chest without giving rescue breaths: 





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