Zoom Workshops

Surrey First Aid Training is pleased to launch a range of short remote online Zoom workshops. We understand with times being what they are, schools and settings are looking at ways to deliver training whilst minimising the amount of face to face contact. To help provide additional continuous Proffessional Developement of staff in your workplace, we are working towards a range of short CPD workshops.


2 hour- Zoom Playground Injuries Workshop

This course is ideal as a short CPD session in schools and nurseries. This 2 hour workshop can be delivered by our trainer to your setting via zoom. 

The content of the session: 

  •  What kind of accidents happen in the playground?
  • Ambulance response times for injuries
  • Triaging injuries (head bump, concussion, friction burns, major blood loss.)
  • Bleeding - blood loss, definition of a life threatening bleed, what to do.
  • Bandaging 
  • Head injuries - signs and symptoms of a head injury - including concussion, compression and skull fracture
  • Nice guidelines on head injury assessment
  • Burns- different types and friction burn management
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Questions and Answers

The course can be delivered at times to suit your school. To find out more and receive a qoute for our zoom workshops please fill in our online enquiry form here or call 01483 238268. 

 Other workshops coming soonUntitled design 1

(Please note workplace courses, such as First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid are required to have some time with the trainer, therefore these will not be delivered online).

  •  Find out more about our short workshop 'Administering First Aid in a Covid-19 Pandemic 


This year Surrey First Aid Training will be fund raising for Great Ormond Street Hospital. We are focusing our attention on infant cardiac health. 4,000 babies are diagnosed in the UK each year with congenital heart disease. The heart defects develop in the womb before a baby is born. The type of defect can vary and some will need minimal intervention whilst others will need surgery as soon as possible.

We are fundraising on behalf of Summer. Little Summer was born in 2018 on the hottest day of the year. Initially Summers heart murmur was picked up by the hospital doctor, they referred her to Great Ormond Street Hospital for further investigation. After these tests the results showed Summer was diagnosed with Ventricular Septum Defect and a hole in the heart, which needs to be operated on urgently. Summer was given diuretics to reduce the amount of fluids building in the lungs, as the heart cannot pump effectively to remove this fluid and she now awaits her open heart surgery to repair the hole.

Surrey First Aid Training is now looking for ways to support Summer and Great Ormond Street Hospital. We will be hosting a number of community events to promote infant cardiac health, teach all important life saving CPR and to raise £5000 for GOSH.